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Building mutual benefits and loyalty through multi-channel Communities

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First Online Communities promoting Access to Microinsurance in the Philippines

The first online communities promoting access to microinsurance will be created through the partnership of the German Development Cooperation (GIZ), Prudential Life UK, and Commlinked. The online communities will be pilot tested in Tacloban City in the Visayas; and Butuan City in Mindanao.

This initiative is aligned with the issuance of the Insurance Commission Circular Letter 2015-54, the Adoption and lmplementation of Enhanced Microinsurance Regulatory Framework. See more 

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What makes a CommLinked Community?

The CommLinked approach works for any community which is important to the lifestyle, well-being or ideology of the individual members. Hence a CommLinked Community is ideal for:
  • Resident groups within specific cities and provinces
  • Political parties and supporter groups
  • Employees of large organisations and specific industries
  • Significant lifestyle interest groups, such as travel, investing, healthcare
  • Students and alumni of universities and other educational establishments
  • National and international charity supporters

How CommLinked Works

The CommLinked approach starts by delivering a bespoke development plan, based on the mission and aims of your particular Community. This includes agreeing clear objectives for your Community - such as membership growth, advocacy levels and also commercial principles - should your Community be “not for profit” or profit making, for example?

After this, we create and develop the environment in which your CommLinked Community lives. This always includes a website that can feature:
  • The purpose and activities of the Community
  • “Sign up” sections for new members to join, and for advocates to introduce them
  • Regular news items, blogs, competitions, chat forums- including details of upcoming member events
  • Special offers of products and services specially chosen to match the member’s interests
And with CommLinked, you and your fellow Community leaders have access to a range buiit-in reports and dashboards that let you measure the growth and ongoing activity of the Community. This insight lets you maximise the value you offer your Community members - and the support and loyalty they give you in return.

Members who join the Community through the website will also receive ongoing email communi-cations - containing news, surveys, member offers and opportunities to vote on Community initia-tives… in fact, anything relevant and important to your particular Community.

And for CommLinked Communities whose members are not yet fully online, your Community can also be built through other media channels - including mobile (SMS), print and face-to-face communications.

Want to know how a CommLinked Community could work for you?

For a confidential discussion on how CommLinked could build mutual benefits and loyalty amongst the members of your particular Community, simply contact us today, without obligation.

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